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As 2021 came to a close, I want to put the Spotlight on all of our
missionaries and to keep them in our prayers. Though each one may have their different struggles, we are thankful that the Lord is faithful and will hold them in His perfect will. Please pray for them in the coming year.

“• Antonio, Aaron -HEARTBEAT Ministries, Cambodia”
“• Bourgeois, Bruno & Pasco/le – Haven Baptist Church, Ontario, Canada”
“• Burns, Charlie – Bible Institute Ministry to A.C.I. Prison, Cranston, RI”
“• Carter, Tim & Kim – Word of Life, Chile”
“• Columbine, Bo & Michelle – World Venture, Senegal, Africa”
“• Faggart, Pastor Jeff – Harvest Baptist Church, NC”
“• Fejol, Mike -A Ministry to Nursing Home Seniors, Hanover, MA”
“• Harris, Eartha – Crossroads Ministry,Salisbury, MD”
“• Harvey, Jim & Julie – Word of Life, USA”
“• Harvey, Uriah & Lauren – Word of Life, South Korea”
“• Larson, Scott & Hanne -Straight Ahead Ministries, Worcester, MA”
“• Lang, David -New England After Care (The Bridge), Framingham, MA”
“• Maggard, Pastor Ron – Baptist Evangelism, Cuba and Haiti Ministries”
“• Qullltzsch Nancy & Carl – Christian Motorcycle Assoc., USA”
“• Rosado, August & Patty – Today in Bible Prophecy Ministries, USA &”
“• White, Dan -New Genesis, Portland, ME”

July 25th, 2021


Ron and Frances Maggard, Baptist Evangelism.


Ron and Frances Maggard were approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries to Ireland in May 1981. Due to health problems, they resigned in December 1982 and were reinstated to Cuba in September 1996. Ron graduated from the Missions course at Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Missouri. Frances graduated from Citadel Baptist Seminary, Bucyrus, Ohio, with a Christian Education degree. They served their internship at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Norwalk, Connecticut, and Broadway Baptist Church in Hopewell, Virginia. They have a son and a daughter. The Maggard’s are presently serving in the USLG for Spanish speaking people.nces Maggard were approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries to Ireland in May 1981. Due to health problems they resigned in December 1982 and were reinstated to Cuba in September 1996.

Here is a recent update from Ron:

“Greetings from Santa Ana Huiste, Guatemala. I am writing this letter from my room in the Hotel after a day of much prayer and Bible Study with some of the pastors and church leaders in the area near the Mexico border. Over the past few years, we have ssn growth and blessing in various areas here in the ministry, beginning 6 years ago in Tzisbal and continuing with several other churches and missions becoming established. A few hours ago we drove into a beautiful park sanctuary called Rio Azul. We were meeting to have a time of prayer and Bible Study. I was reminded of Paul in Acts 16 “…we went out of the city by a river side, where prayer was want to be made, and we sat down and spake…”. We had a blessed time praying around the group and for our work in many places. It was great! I hope those reading this will also unite your prayers with ours for our ministries,

I want to conclude my letter today with this interesting story. When we finished praying, I walked away from our group about 100 yards to a public restroom. As I headed there, I saw a woman headed that way too. I reached the area ahead of her and coming behind me was one of the pastors. I heard the woman ask him, “Is that Pastor Ron?”. I was very curious and when I came out she said, “Do you remember me? I knew you and Frances from more than 10 years ago. I was always coming and seeing you in the Carelink Clinic in Juniper, Florida”. She said, “I recognized you immediately when we drove past your table”. I thought — small world. Wow! But what a blessing! Seeds were planted way back then. Now, back in Guatemala, she lives nearby some of our new converts. Her son-in-law is being discipled by one of these men in the work here. I was able to give her the gospel again and encourage her to get involved with the local work in her community. When I returned to our group, I said, “I found you a new prospect over at the restrooms.” God is good! Pray for Alicia Rojas that she will get involved with our brethren in this area called La Laguna.

We still have several busy days ahead travelling tomorrow 8 hours and then preaching in Xejuyup. San Juan Maza and San Bernadino.

“Thanks for your prayers”.



June 2021


Scott and Hanne Larson, Straight Ahead Ministries.

Scott and Hanne Larson, Straight Ahead Ministries. Based in Worcester, MA, they serve incarcerated youth in 40 states, 35 countries, and in 7 languages. They have been serving in this ministry for 34 tears.
They were approved to go into the large stste facility in New Mexico to lead Ready4Life on June 25-27. Straight Ahead’s Ready4Life Program helps youth evaluate the harmful belief systems, choices and actions of their childhood and establish new ways of thinking and living as independent young adults. Scott is now in New Mexico for the June 25-27 event. “It will be the first event that state has allowed with people coming in from the outside since the pandemic began, They have also approved us bringing in Pedro Rodriguea, our state lead in FL and Josh De La Rosa in NM to do a Christian hip hop concert the day before with all the youth in the facility.?

Prayer makes a difference, so please pray for:
Both events as they are already facing numerous health setbacks.
Doors to soon reopen for Bible studies in the juvenile facilities.
Many new volunteers that are needed.
New staff in New Bedford.
Daniel, who came up through the prison system and has an amazing gift of connecting with youth who are going through similar struggles.

All gifts given this month toward any area in Straight Ahead during the month of June will be matched, up to $50,000 through the generosity of two donors.


Spotlight On Missions September 26, 2021

This month’s “Spotlight on Missions” is an introduction to two Missions
that our Mission’s Committee voted to support. They are
Jim and Julie Harvey with Word of Life, Uriah and Lauren Harvey, with Word of Life.



Jim and Julie Harvey, serving with Word of Life in the US.

Their ministry “Open Air Evangelism (OAE)” strives to share the Gospel of Christ wherever people may be found. Public squares,
parks, housing projects, boardwalks, beaches, streets, bus stops, and train stations are only a few of the places where OAE teams have
reached lost souls with the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. To draw attention to the message, OAE teams use
sketch boards, object lessons, mimes, drama, music, and Gospel illusions to draw listeners with whom to share Christ.

Many of you have met Jim at our Harvest Fest, walking around, sharing the Gospel. He is looking forward to coming to our next
Harvest Fest.



Uriah and Lauren Harvey, serving with Word of Life in South Korea.

Uriah and Lauren met in January 2019, when they were both serving together with Word of Life in South Korea. They started dating in Januar 2020. They were married on September 19, 2020 with a small wedding ceremony with all of their staff. They had planned to come home to the US to get married, but because of Covid, they were not able to make it home. They were able to come back home to the states in mid-October to visit family and reconnect with many to grow their support team. They are currently serving with the School of Youth Ministry in English (SYME) in South Korea. Their ministry consists of Teaching Bible and English
Preaching, Discipleship, and Encouragement.
Please pray for yhese new editions to our support. We will keep you updated.

Spotlight on Missions
November 28. 2021
“Uriah and Lauren Harvey,serving with Word of Life in South Korea. They are one of our most recent additions who we are supporting. We not only support them financially, but also in prayer.

This is the most recent update from Uriah and Lauren:

A lot of life change has happened since our last letter. As many of you know this year has been especially challenging for us in October. We actually moved down to join our WOL team on Jeju Island. Ministry is thriving down here as they have their Bible institute, camps and local church ministries going regularly. Lauren and I are grateful to be able to jump in, be in community , and for the first time unpack all our suitcases and boxes. We have settled in and would appreciate your prayers as we continue to learn our roles and get to know the students and team here.

Momentum is a one-day camp that happens once a month. Students from all over the island come to play games, eat dinner, and attend a Bible club. The Gospel is always the focus of the evening Bible club. Lauren and I got to observe and help with some little things this past week and look forward to helping more in the future.

We are grateful to be here and grateful for you guys . We ae looking forward to sharing more about Jeju, the ministry here, and our roles in our next letter.