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Adopt A Child Program

The Lord is allowing something different this year for our church. Our Mission’s Committee is unable to participate in the “Angel Tree” Program.  We thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this ministry, however, we were short on volunteers.  We felt like the Lord was closing some doors and opening new ones.  We are asking for the congregation to pray about what you might do to get involved and to see what the Lord will have us do for next year.

In the meantime, here’s what you can be part of:  With the way the economy Is hurting this season, there are so many families that are hurting right here in our community.  Every year the Lord allows us to help so many families.

Here’s how it works.  You can be part of the “Adopt a Child” program. The more people that get involved, the more children we can bless. Please consider donating. You can pay here by clicking the DONATE NOW BUTTON or send your donation to First Baptist church of Bellingham. On your check in the memo please put “Adopt a Child” so it will be designated to the correct program. You can mail it to the churches mailing address:

First Baptist Church 1172 South Main St. Bellingham MA 02019.

Once all the donations are in, we will take the total amount that came in and divide It by the number of children we get the privilege to help.  The moms are then taken shopping to choose what they would like to buy for their children.  It gives the mom some dignity and joy when she is given the privilege to shop for her children.

We keep all the families we help confidential.  Please pray about what the Lord will have you do. The deadline for the donations is December 10th. This will leave enough time to take each mom out to shop for her family.